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Overview of All Med

All Med operates dynamic and integrative diagnostic and treatment centers providing a wide array of primary and specialty care services and is licensed under Article 28 of the Health Law of the State of New York.  All Med currently operates at three sites in the City of New York – two in Bronx County and one in Queens County. All Med also has affiliate sites in the Melrose section of the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.  The Company has almost 200 employees and had more than 150,000 combined patient visits in 2010 inclusive of ancillary services.  All Med provides patient care across all payer classes including Medicaid, Medicare, HMO, Commercial and Worker’s Compensation.

History of All Med

All Med was formed in 1998 and received its operating license from the Department of Health of the State of New York in November, 2000.  The initial site in the North Bronx, a 6,500 square foot facility, experienced significant and rapid growth in patient encounters.  As a result, All Med established two other sites; the Queens site in 2003, a 4,500 square foot facility, and the South Bronx site in 2005, initially a 19,000 square foot facility, both of which have experienced similar rapid and significant growth.  Given the rapid growth, the South Bronx site was moved into a larger, new, state of the art 32,000 square foot facility in November 2008. 

All Med believes that in the future it will be able to continue to expand its operations in the Bronx and throughout New York State.  At inception, All Med was licensed by the New York State Department of Health as a rehabilitation facility. Given the demands and needs of the community, however, that focus changed. All Med now provides comprehensive medical care and has evolved into a medical home for its patients where most of the patient needs can be provided for in one setting.  We now have open access primary care services which, through the primary care physician, are coordinated with a wide array of specialty care services. Our recently implemented Nextgen EMR system facilitates both integrative services and qualitative measures that produce a superior patient experience and medical outcome.  All Med has grown from five providers in 2002 to more than thirty providers today and has dramatically increased its number of offered specialties.

Quality of Care and QA program

As All Med has expanded, clinical protocols have been put in place to ensure the delivery of the highest quality clinical care. The Company currently has a thorough Quality Assurance program in place that is overseen by a Quality Assurance/Continuing Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee.  In addition, All Med’s medical director and management work diligently to enforce all HIPAA compliance guidelines.  

The Company also attempts to practice preventive medicine wherever possible.  Cancer prevention is targeted to the age-appropriate screening of gynecologic conditions in addition to screening for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.  Coronary heart disease risk prevention is ongoing by several risk factors (lipid profile and LDL-C lowering therapy, beta blocker s/p MI, antithrombotic therapy), and for heart failure (ACEI/ARB, LV assessment); noninvasive coronary and vascular heart disease and peripheral vascular testing as well as Cardiology assessment is available onsite.

Diabetes mellitus QA includes the parameters set forth by the NY Diabetes Association.  This includes the use of Diabetes Educators in the patients’ self-directed monitoring and proper use of medications including insulin preparations and dietary control, screening for depression, Podiatric and Ophthalmologic yearly assessments, targeted vaccinations, aspirin, lipid-lowering and ACE-inhibitor medications, and periodic BP, serologic (A1C, LDL-c) and urine (protein/creatinine) screenings; smoking cessation screening is performed. 

Overview of EMR

All Med has begun the implementation of Nextgen’s Electronic Medical Records (“EMR") system, one of the leading EMRs in the country.  The EMR is designed to create a computerized, digital record of a patient's medical care which allows providers to have quick and easy access to this information, so they can coordinate care and minimize the chance of medical errors. 
Nextgen’s EMR system is state of the art software that will allow All Med to transition from paper records to electronic records.  Nextgen’s EMR is a leader amongst its peers with approximately 2,000 current customers across the country and the system has been certified by the Commission for Healthcare Information Technology.  Nextgen’s system combines a front-end practice management system which will allow All Med to better schedule and manage its patients across its three facilities with a solid back-end billing system which allow electronic patient statement processing, electronic claims processing, eligibility verification, patient correspondence, and direct deposit.  The system is fully equipped for e-prescribing and direct connection to All Med’s laboratory partners. 

All Med believes the adoption of an EMR system will greatly enhance the patient experience and complement the implementation and review of quality measures. 

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