Mission Statement

Our mission is to achieve excellence in serving our community. While a lofty standard, it is one that is achievable when physicians, administration and patients partner together to create a quality medical environment that recognizes that the experience and medical outcome are paramount. In consonance with this standard, our aims are
  • To provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost, in an aesthetically pleasing environment  with efficient utilization of resources
  • To encourage a personal relationship between each patient and his/her personal physician who is trained to provide the first contact, continuous and comprehensive care and who takes responsibility for the ongoing care of the patient
  • Provide for and coordinate all of the patient’s health care needs and arrange care, when needed, with other qualified professionals, specialists, hospitals and agencies
  • To achieve quality and safety through the use of a care planning process, evidence based medicine, clinical decision-support tools, performance measurement , patient participation in decision making, information technology including Electronic Medical Record, quality enhancement protocols and other measures
  • To make open access to care available through a fast track system
  • To value and respect the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals and to treat all individuals with respect and courtesy
  • To provide a professional, fulfilling and rewarding work environment for employees and physicians
  • To act honestly and ethically in all relationships
  • To  work seamlessly with private and government  agencies to improve the lives of our patients and to obtain insurance coverage when qualified

We ask the patient to:
  • Keep your appointment or let us know immediately if you cannot
  • Maintain the continuity of care with his/her  personal physician
  • Full disclosure of any new prescribed medication by any other treating physician
  • Notify us immediately of any change to home address, telephone or email address
  • To respect and be courteous to our staff
  • Let us know immediately if there is a cause for complaint or suggestion for improvement

Contact Us

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